Divertimento Foundation

Ballet Divertimento seeks to continue its educational mission while respecting its educational strategy. To this end, it has set up a foundation, a non-profit organization focused on promoting dance training as both the professional and recreational levels.


The Divertimento Foundation provides annual support to the Ballet Divertimento School. It aims to enrich young dancers’ educational experience by providing the funds needed to mount the annual end-of-year show. As well, the Foundation’s contributions will enable them to participate in related activities, such as the opportunity to work with local and international choreographers, and to participate in international exchanges, trips and cultural outings associated with their art.

Christmas Tree Sale

In an effort to raise funds, Ballet Divertimento offers you the possibility to buy your Christmas Tree by supporting our non-profit school. For a cost of between $39 and $79, depending on the size chosen, including taxes and delivery, you will receive your Christmas Tree delivered directly to your home.

Sale of Belgium Chocolate

Authentic Belgium Chocolate

In pursuing our mission for our dancers to achieve excellence in the training of the Dance-Study and the Professional Program, we are counting on your support to make this fund raising effort a big success.

The highest quality chocolate, imported from Belgium is offered in four different flavors: dark, milk, praline and salted caramel; each bar is 75 gr. The chocolate is certified “fair-trade” and contains no trace of peanuts. The fundraising activity will begin on October 7 and end on December 13.

The chocolate bars are on sale at Ballet Divertimento’s reception at a cost of $4 each.

Wine and Cheese

The first edition of our “Wine and Cheese Tasting” at the prestigious Oval Room of the Ritz Carlton Hotel took place on March 22. The evening was a great success and the presentation of the wines selected by the Chief Sommelier Mr. David Goirand of the Maison Boulud of the Ritz-Carlton was enjoyed by all. All profits will be used for our young dancers in the professional programs.